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Parked document closing year

Good afternoon,How should parked documents be treated at the end of the year?My idea is to carry forward them to X+1. There, documents just can be post or modified whether we update transaction code FMOD.Please let me know whether the procedure sound...

Change FM structure during year

Good morning,If my client changes the FM structure along the year (new fund centres, delete fund centres, changes in the hierarchy, etc), how should I reassign the  existing documents (PO, invoices, ect) to the new allocations? it seems that FMJ2 can...

Paying third parties with SSP

Hi all,We have a situation where we need to pay third party organisations for their services as part of a social benefit. Our landscape consists of CRM (inc Social Services module), ERP & PSCD. In addition to the normal payments we send to an individ...

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