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Carry Forward of Residual Budget

HIKindly let me know the procedure in carrying forwarding the Residual budget from 2014 to 2015. I have done the transaction code FMMPCOVR, with the key figure:YE_RESIDUAL and a document got generated after removing the test tunBut still on running t...


请教: 怎么用代码控制 dialog screen 里的是否区分大小写的字段属性。 因为共用屏幕的原因,需要动态控制屏幕字段的大小写区分这个属性。 实现和在screen painter里 点 upper/lower case 那个选择框一样的效果。在PBO 修改 screen的各个属性没有找到控制这块的。 谢谢Edited by: Joe_ABAPer on Apr 21, 2010 10:30 AM

Resolved! Earmarked funds from contracts ?

Hi Gurus, In Public Sector Management > Public Sector Management > Public Sector Management >Integration > Integration Materials Management > Contracts > Define Integration Scenarios, describes how you specify that earmarked funds can be created from...

Resolved! Exchange Loss not Captured

Hi Experts,i have Problem in Funds Management for dealing with Exchange rate gain or loss. our Reports are based on FM tables.We posted the invoice in local currency, while payment there was difference in the exchange rate, so FM tables updated with ...

Resolved! Budget and Availability Control

Hi,How to handle three types of budget.For eg. Procurement, Payment and Consumption budgets. If we manage through different Funds then at the time of consumption Budget Procurement budget will get a credit as entry is RM Consumption debit to credit t...

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