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Resolved! FM BCS Migration at Year End

Hi,We are doing migration from former  budgeting to BCS at year end.if we do migration on total basis, is it required to have system down time  to execute migration process ?we are having the data from 2007 in former budgeting, cane we execute migrat...

Resolved! FMF0-RFFMS200 not working

Hi all.We are trying to make payment program for FM to work properly. However we are unable to do so.In our test system we posted several invoices for the same vendor and paid all of then un one payment. We have entries for all of these invoices FMIF...

Step Increases

Hi,We have a PEP projection issue where we observe inconsistent  pay level increases projected by the PEP engine.Employee  Step Date    Pay Scale Level    Next Pay Scale LevelA               14/09/2015   17                          23B               ...

Budget Release Process

HiPlaning to use budget release process on monthly basis, done relevant configuration but release process is not working For release done following configuration:Define Release ScenarioDefine Budget Types for ReleaseAssign Budget Types for Release to...

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