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Resolved! Budget check

Hi,We have activated strict budgetary control in the middle of the year. Many purchase requisitions are created before strict budgetary control and there was no budget. Now even after activating strict budgetary control, system is permitting Purchase...

Vendor - BP Integration

Hi Experts,I have a requirement to do Vendor -BP integration. BP will be created in the role MKK because contract account is required. For this BP I want to map a FI vendor.Is this possible through CVI or Vendor - BP integration is only for possible ...

Budget carry forward

Hello,We use update profile 000101.In closing process we do FMj2 wuth value type 51.What I understand is after FMJ2, open POs will get transferred with budget so as I can do GR & MIRO.But we have lot of cases where either PO are not transferred at al...


Hi Experts,When i am executing the Budcon report with mentioned parameters.Fund 30Fund Center 4050300000GL 260100300Functional Area 88203000000The report gives the values.Funds Center/Commitment ItemConsumable BudgetConsumed BudgetAvailable AmountCur...

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