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Cacellation of GR

Hi All,We have posted one GRN entry which is posted correctly.Now while cancelling the GRN the below Error is giving.Posting not possible; incorrect financial transactions of the cmmt item Message no. FI149DiagnosisYou want to post a goods receipt. H...

Resolved! Disallow Negative Budgeting in GM-GTE

Dear Experts,As we all know that we can restrict negative budgeting using check libraries in FM-BCS. I was wondering, is their any way to restrict the same in GM-GTE? since the system is allowing me to enter negative budget in GM Budgeting Workbench....


I can not run the FMAVCREINIT option:If you select Only Re-Init Consumable Budget, only the record type 1 for consumable budget will be processed.It is taking too longDocument attached: Control Object (50k) is less than Budget address (110k).Message...

migo 221 movement fm error

Dear allWhen we try to make a movement with t-code migo, movement type 221, we get the following error. What could be the reason?(we get this error after an upgrade, couldnt find any oss notes)Reduction not possible; doc has a doc cat. (030) that is ...

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