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Resolved! FM Go live

Hi All,I have a question. We are on QA system. When I run F110 payment proposal, ths system gives an error . When I check proposal run log in f110, I saw that no commitment item entered in item 0001 and it is giving a document number that is an invoi...

FI311 Error

Hi All,Firstly, I know that issue was discussed many times in forum. But I think this is different. Our case is about fason ( sub production ). We create a PO and making MIGO for this PO. When we save goods issue in MIGO, the system gives error that ...

Budget Ledger in FMJ2

Hi Consultants,I configured budget ledger for value types funds transfer in IMG "Select Budget Categories and Value Types for BL Update" and I created the derivaton rule for amount type 0300 and 0350.When I ran the FMJ2 transaction, the system does n...

Resolved! Revised Budget

Hi All,We have a project that will go live in the end of march. We are working on QA system. We transfer budget data from BW system to FM using T.Code FMCYCOPI_BW. We implemented period wise control using fund. Our customer use fiscal year from April...

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