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cheque printing through FPY1

HIi am narrating the scenario first and is as below.After the payment run program(FPY1) has been executed and approved by the finance dept, the cheque processor executes the payment medium program SAPLFKGV, transaction code FPCH1. this program creats...

Grantee = Vendor?

Hi all,I just start involve on Public sector project, could you please advice whethergrantee is same as vendor? Any relation between these?Because there is scenario where needs to ask grantee to supply the material/fundto fulfill requirement from cus...

Resolved! budget get negative value

Dear SDN I use bcs budget when I try to Generate Budget Data (trans' FMCYLOAD ) i get negative value although I plan Positive values with planning layout. this have a direct effect on release budget and avability check.Please advise,regards,Itai Nata...

Resolved! GI/IR OFUP settings

Hello,In our implementation, we initially planned to have both GR/IR updated in FM.However, we will not update the GR yet.OFUP is set as both GR/IR are to be updated but there will be no FI or CO posting for GR ans so no update are occuring in FM.Is ...

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