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Resolved! Superior Fund Center

Hi,What is Superior fund center (Field in Fund Center Master Data-Hierarchy Tab). How we can use superior fund center. Business Process which can be mapped using Superior fund center.Thanks & Regards,Jyoti

Resolved! ECC6 Derivation Rules

Hi All,Can anyone send me generic Derivation rules for FM integration with Asset Accounting(AA), HR & MM for ECC6.0?I am battling to get the derivation rules right for integration with these modules in ECC6.Information can also be sent to my mailbox....

Resolved! Revenue Budgeting in FMBB

Hi,How do we create Revenue Budget in FMBB.I have entered the document as follows in FMBB:Fund Center Commitment Item AmountLOB1 Revenue 1000001) I have entered the amount in positive only. Is this correct??2) Then I...

Resolved! Clarification Account

Hi.When does the processing incoming payment lot, and the does postings in the bank account and receivables account, the record includes the clarification account (values debit and credit ( -), effect zero).Help me, how can to eliminate the records ...

GM Master Data Error

Hello Everyone,I'm trying to create a new Grant by copying an old one. The following errir comes up, which I've never seen before. Please help!Error - Grant creation not possible because initial user status cannot be set

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