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FMDERIVE x Purchase requisition

Hi Gurus,My configuration in "Activate/Deactivate Funds Management" IS selected in the field "Activate Account Assignment Derivation in Funds Management" ans IS NOT selected the field "Activate Update in Funds Management". (see images bellow)Problem:...

Resolved! Message no. F6001

Hi Expert ,I am new to Fund Management , after i follow the basic configuration to activate fund management i faced this while iam trying to post normal entry from F-02 .. what could be the reason ? Error in accessing function module: FM_FIPOS_GET_FR...

FI FM Posting

Since implementation we are using update at both GR & IR in FM. This is set in OFUP.Often when invoice received before a GR this leads to differences between the two modules.Although transaction FMAB can be used to identify differences, user confiden...

FMBLEXT´s trace x Exit

Hi Gurus,Does someone know what is the "exit" that I can use to fill the filed "Target 1" in FMBLEXT´s trace ?During the execution this "exit" must to be executed before FMBLEXT´s trace and already bring the filed "Target 1" filled.For business reaso...

Budget consumption for Open PO

Hi,I have done the configuration that that at the time of Cost Centre PO creation, no fund management document will be created and at the time of Invoicing it should be created, this is OK but i am facing the issue in this case.PO       - 10,000GRN  ...

Resolved! MIRO Error for Budget

Hi everyone,We control the budget on PO. When we create a PO the system consumes budget period 1. We transfer the residual budget of 1st period to 2nd period at the end of period 1 ( January 31 ). For example our budget for January 1000 EUR. We creat...

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