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Resolved! Year End Closing

Hi,We are using Annual Budgets and have activated PBET.I would like to understand what would be the FM update date If I try to change a PO (change in amount or fund center) in Fiscal Year 2009 (let's say on 02.04.2009) which is created in Fiscal Year...

BCS budget control by period

Hi,My client wants to control expenses by period. The budget balance in any month should not be available for the subsequent months.For example the amount budgetted for a Fund Center during Feb. must not be available for consumption during March.Is ...

Resolved! GM release document

Hello experts,I get an error message when trying to release a budget document. I proceed as follows:1. Create a grant and change it to Award2. Create a budget document for that grant (unreleased)>>3. Try to release the budget:Although I have a single...

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