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Resolved! BCS AVC Warning Msg

Our system is configured to issue warning messages when the 80% and 90% budget consumption level is reached. The problem is that both percentages use the same message number FMAVC006.Is it possible for each consumption level to use its own unique mes...

Open Items

Hi all, Can anyone please shed some light on how items are cleared in FICA. As I quite dont understand the mechanism. We have Main transaction and Sub transactions and ones the invoice is paid I can see the clearing document generated and all open it...

Creating a Document Category

Hi SDNers,We are running ECC 6.0/Funds Management with Former Budgeting.When running FMMC to close Earmarked Funds, the program results in a short dump. When run in dialog mode, the following error message is displayed:Document Type 11 is not define...

Up Date Profile selection

Hi,Clint has a requirement for controlling budgets at procurement level andat consumption level . Eg: Procurement Budget : Purchase Requisition and Purchase OrderEg: Consumption Budget : Goods Issue / Service Entry sheet and FI direct entry i.e...

EA-PS prototype

Hello , my boss has asked me to make an EA-PS prototype , based on a sector , the sector I choose, but I don´t know what to do, how to beggin, I know how to customize the module of EA-PS more or less , but I need real steps to make a prototype based ...

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