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Resolved! GL Account does not exist

HiWhen trying to create a posting on FPE1 I am getting an error 'GL account does not exist '. What is puzzling me is I have maintained all the account determination in in EK01 and EK02 posting areas S000 and S001.Could this be a program error and if ...

Resolved! Enabling an FM field

Hi allI am trying to enable a field in the funds commitment transaction - this field is visible on the screen but is disabled.I looked into the field status groups and field status variants but I can't seem to see the actual field list and the option...

Resolved! Documents carryforward

At our company commitment carryforward is only possible for one year, meaning that documents created in the current year and fund. e.g year 2009 fund A9, can be carriedforward the commitments and the budget to the next year and equal fund e.g ye...

Resolved! Leading ledger on PSM-FM ECC 6.0

Dear all,How are your experiences regarding my current condition:Our client is re-implementing ECC 6.0, and go live on 2 January. Implementation of PSM-Funds Management are planned on middle of 2009.Leading ledger 0L is standard ledger used for ecc a...

SAP Funds Management

Hello,I am New to SAP Funds management , could you please help me on getting help.Regards,sriModerator: Please, read available SAP materials:

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