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Resolved! FMDERIVE issue

Hi,We have an internal order to grant derivation rule. When go to the rule values table -> Extras -> Overview, under grant number we just see a bunch of Zeroes. However in the actual table in se16, we see the grant numbers.All grant related derivatio...

Resolved! Not relevant grant

Hi all,My question is the following:Does the 'not relevant grant' (dummy grant) get automatically filled based on your setting for the not relevant grant in the IMG? or do we need an additional derivation rule (assignment)?We have a few documents tha...

Resolved! No records in FMIFIIT table

Hi,There are no records in FMIFIIT table, though FM is activated. When we post down payment in FI, the Earmarked Funds document is selected (Funds Commitment). But Funds Center and Commitment Item does not derive from FM document. And FMIFIIT is empt...

commitment & pre-commitment

Hi,We get from another SAP system 2 kinds of EMF: commitment & pre-commitment (RE).However, we recieved them and the Consumption isn't working properly when we get in to the precommitment (If you go to Consumption in the regular EMF you can see that ...

fmrp_rw_budget + fmbdt

Hi,I am not expert in fund management.i am developping a report to exctract data from fmbdt to sent its to CO (tables COS*)i am using the bapi BAPI_0051_GET_TOTALS (extract data from fm)and the BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST to transfer this data to CO...

PO liquidation on a grant

Hi,When a PO is created against a grant and then when it is liquidated (through FMMC), the liquidation change shows up on the FM side but not on the GM side. THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN A FEW CASES - for most of our grant POs the update happens correctly (w...

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