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Resolved! FMX1 Reservation issue

We have a document that was originally entered with t-code FMX1. In the Document field $1 some how was entered into the field. We are not sure if this generated a wrning or an error but the end user was able to continue processing somehow and did c...

Resolved! Budget not updated by CO Actuals

After a successful implementation of FM we transfered the CO plan to FM using transaction FMCYCOPI_CO. AVC is used to check PRs and POs. The problem is that the Consumed budget column on transaction FMRP_RW_BUDCON is only updated by purchasing docume...


i Gurus, I have the following problem:1 - The company is migrating to the FMFBS for FMBCS. this point we need to control the investments that are done in this case and can use the program budget?2 - How to control the budget, and commitment made a mo...

PBC document liquidation

We have Position budgeting and control (PBC) activated in our client. For year end closing, we liquidated all HR-related oustanding commitments for the previous fiscal year. However, when we run payroll in the first period of the next fiscal year, we...

Resolved! FMDERIVE issue

Hi,We have an internal order to grant derivation rule. When go to the rule values table -> Extras -> Overview, under grant number we just see a bunch of Zeroes. However in the actual table in se16, we see the grant numbers.All grant related derivatio...

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