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Resolved! Migration FMFBS for FMBCS

Dear SAP.I Need help. We use the old version of FM (FBS) and by necessity (New Objet: Program budget) was needed to activate the BCS. It Was made all the migration but when we release bursts in the envelope in the message two (former budget and BCS ...

FM Cutover : Open PR, PO

Hello ExpertsWe are planning to Go Live with FM module at the start of fiscal year. As part of Cutover Activity,how should open PO, PR and Invoices be treated if they are not to be short closed. Do we have to Reconstruct open PO, PR and Invoices usin...

Blogs for Public Sector

[PBF: Public Budget Formulation|/people/pratyush.panda/blog/2010/06/27/pbf-public-budget-formulationSAPWeblogsPublicSector%2528SAPWeblogs%253APublic+Sector%2529][Commitment update in Services PO's. Availability control error...why?|

Budget Consumption

We have a situation with FM budget that I will need your help with. We created a PO/GR that consumed budget. Example:After the creation of the Goods Receipt the Commitment item | Budget | Consumed | Remaining balancea) #340500 ...

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