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Resolved! Budget Structure (FM9K)

Dear guru, I have created a budget profile, so I can access FM9K. But how to change the budget structure and create the lower/upper level?And please let me know (definition, difference, impact if I choose one of them) for:> Budget Object> Commitment ...

Resolved! How to use EXIT_SAPLFMFA_001

Dear Sir,During MIRO posting we desire that Commitment Item should not be effected at all . We have been told that EXIT_SAPLFMFA_001 should be used so that MIRO posting are treated as Statistical .We do not know , that what code need to be maintaine...

FM AVC Check for Business Trip

Hi Experts,I have an issue regarding budget checking for Commitment ledger.There is a Commitment budget for Travel is Rs.50,000 Payment Budget Rs.50,000/-Trip request for advance is Rs.12000/- after approval of trip commitment budget got reduced to R...

Mass change of Funded Program

Hello ExpertsI would like to do Mass change in funded program (T.Code FMMEASURE) - field Authorization Group ( FMMEASURE-AUTHGRP). Is there any standard SAP solution / T.Code option to do such mass change instead of design of LSMW or development of B...

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