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AVC Ledger Controlling Object Derivation Rule not functioning After Reconst

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Dear All,

We are implementing FM AVC. The client asked for both detail (funds centre + commitment item) availability control and c(ommitment item + combined funds centre) availability control.

Thus, we created a customer defined AVC ledger for the purpose of recording the consumption of budget in combined funds centre.

We also defined an derivation rule for control object to combine the funds centres and assigned to the new ledger. The derivation rule worked well until we conduct the T-code FMAVCREINIT - Reconstruct . After reconstruct, the derivation rule for the new ledger doesn't work, the funds centre recorded in the ledger is the default one instead of the combined funds centre.

Could any help to solve the problem?

The help document SAP provided doesn't mention the circumstances.

Thank you so much!




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Hi, what you mean by 'combined '?

Also simulate your derivation for control objects and see what's wrong

And check log in FMAVCREINIT

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Dear Alex,

The combined is that I need to check total availability for several funds centres, so I created a derivation rule with derivation type of Assignment to change the funds centre from those derivated from cost centre to another funds centre so as to conduct AVC check for that funds centre.

e.g. FC01 --> FC00

FC02 --> FC00

FC03 --> FC00

then I assigned the derivation strategy to the new ledger I created.

The derivation strategy went into effect immediately, but become ineffective after I conducted the reconstruct function.

Could you pls kindly help to solve that? I have no idea why the derivation strategy wen wrong, and the further post would not lead to the consumable budget or consumed budget(POST IN FI).

Thank you very much.



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'The derivation strategy went into effect immediately'-how did you check it? I mean while posting doc avc message appear in a right way?

Can you clarify what exactly wrong?derivates wrong addresses, messages doesnt appear, etc

Run FMAVCR01 for posting addresses(from already posted doc) to check if right addresses derived and if budget consumed.