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availability threshold

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I originally posted this in the workflow forums but this might be a better place. We have our doc types defined in FM with workflow checked. We also have the 85% budget threshold warning turned on and when a budget document is preposted within the threshold, the warning message appears and the user clicks continue and the doc preposts. Workflow does the posting in the background after all approvals. When there is no threshold warning, the background post works fine. When there is a warning at prepost, the background task just sits in process and doesn't complete.

I'm assuming this is because it is getting the same warning at post and because it isn't a dialogue process, it is waiting for an ok or cancel that will never come.

Assuming that, is it possible to have the threshold only be applicable to the dialogue prepost process and not to the background post?


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BTW if anyone else runs into a background posting problem with FM workflows, an OSS note came out the same afternoon I was wrestling with this:

Note 1136805 - FMBB: cannot post a document with warnings

After applying this, my background jobs post fine now.