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Availability Control

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Hi SAP FM Experts

We are implementing PSM-FM (Fund Management - BCS & not former budgeting) in ECC6.0. We are succesful in getting the availability control on an annual basis for commitment item & fund centre combination. But our client's requirement is to have the availability control for each and every fiscal period.

Kindly guide me regarding the configuration for the same.




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When you activate multiannual budget in BCS and you have PBET acivated and Budget profile 0101 you can manage in parallel annual and overall budget


BCS is activated

independant year master data commitment and funds centers

create fund types annual and multiannual and the field funf type has to be mandatory

in fund master data add the fund type

activa multiannual budget

activate PBET

in BCS availability checking horizon say that by default the checking horizon is multiannual

create a substitution checking horizon annual and fill the values fund type is annual

example on multiannual budget

I have an investment budget on FMAA 2008-A/76432/510000 of 1000 EUR in 2008

In fund 2008-A i add fund type multiannual

In 2008 i create a funds commitment of 600 EUR and ain invoice of 400 EUR

in 2010 i can pay the invoice of 400 EUR without carryforward nothing

In 2011 i can have an invoice of 200 EUR referencing the funds commitment created in 2008 without any carryforward

Example of annual budget

I have an operational annual budget on the FMAA 7000/70001/315000

In the fund master 7000 i have added the fund type annual

I create with FMBB an annual budget of 1000 EUR in 2008

It is impossible to create a funds commitment in 2009. Logic

It is impossible to create an invoice in 2009. Logic

In 2008 i have a funds commitment of 700 EUR and an invoice of 500 EUR consuming the funds commitment.

I have another funds commitement of 300 EUR without any invoice in 2008


I don't want to use the last funds commitment of 300 EUR in 2009 i close it with tcode FMMC

I want to pay in 2009 my invoice of 500 EUR. i don't need to carryforward nothing it is payable. This ok for public sector needs

I want to create an invoice of the remaining open funds commitment 200 EUR in 2009. The system accept without carryforward. This is an issue because many clients would like to carryforward this earmarked fund. here i had many headeaches to convince the client. And SAP said the system is designed now like this. i don't know if in the future they will improve the system

Briefly no needs to carryforward open items when you have activated multiannual budget in BCS ECC 6 anb PBET and you want to manage in parallel operational and investment budgets in FM


PSM-FM Consultant in ECC 6.0

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I waqnt to have the AVC working for each & every month & not for a year.

It seems you had givena solution for AVC for each year if we activate the Multi annual budget.

Kindly provide me a solution for AVC for each & every month



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why are you doing it on a periodic basis?

what's the business driver?

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As it was stated here, AVC works on annual basis. You can, though, use a release scenario for your budget, thus, managing your budget on monthly basis, as AVC will perform checks versus released budget.



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This is a definitive solution. FM AVC controls only year, multiyear and never never a period

This is available also for WBS element and internal orders

Best Regards


PSM-FM Consultant


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I've been thinking about this issue and your solution lies in the creation of several funds that will represent each period.

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Dear R.Karthigayan,

I work with PSM-FM for 10 years. Availability control in former budgeting is annual based and this can not be changed (too complex to do a development).

In BCS you would reach the behaviour your customer requires by using different ledgers for each month.

According to SAP documentation:

User-Specific Availability Control Ledger


However, if the use of a single AVC ledger per budget category does not meet the requirements of your organization, you can define additional user-specific AVC ledgers. In this case, you work with a number of parallel AVC ledgers in one FM area/fiscal year. . In each ledger, the budget and commitment/actual data from Funds Management can be summarized according to ledger-specific derivation strategies for

control objects and for tolerance profiles. Each document to be posted has to pass the AVC checks of all parallel AVC ledgers. Note that using parallel activated availability control checks can have a negative effect on system performance. SAP recommends that you do not use more than three or four AVC ledgers simultaneously.

So, you may activate an user-specific AVC ledger according to your business needs, and take care so that your derivation strategies are not too complex to impact negatively performance.


AVC ledger must be maintained in BCS customizing, following the path:

PSM, FM, Budget Control System (BCS), Availability Control, Settings for Availability Control Ledger.

Here you find for example the activities

(1) Maintain Customer-Specific Ledger for Availability Check and

(2) Assign Tolerance Profiles and Strategy for Control Objects

(1) Allows you to set up non-standard AVC ledgers (that is, AVC ledgers you create by your own!). If you want to use the standard ledgers 9H and 9I, then this activity is not relevant for you.

(2) Here you define, amongst other things, how you treat the account assignment element Grant in AVC (see the documentation). The grant dimension is not available in derivation strategies for control objects (this was never possible and will probably not be possible in a later release!). You can only choose to have a one to one assignment for the grant, or to aggregate on all grant values for AVC checks.

I hope this information above helps you

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth.