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Availability Control for Ledger 9I does not work

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Hi SAP FM Experts,

I'm implementing a client scenario, where I have to activate Fund Management using only the 9I commitment ledger (category Budget 9I), without the ledger 9H in SAP H/4.

I performed all customizing steps (I'm using a 0100 updating profile), and then I have activated FM in my client, but when testing the my scenario the availability check does not work for ledger 9I. No error message is retrieved during the PO/PR even if the installed budget is 0.

While instead, if I activate also the ledger 9H the availability check works fine. it is possible to use only the ledger 9I under my scenario? and for which reason the availability check works for 9H and not for 9I?

Any suggestion?

Many thanks in advance for any help



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Update profile 000100 works only on payment budget; so, it is normal that if you activated only 9I ledger nothing happens.