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Authorization in PSM: Differentiate between auth. for total and line items

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My customer has to differentiate in a PSM report between authorization for total and for line items. This should be possible in dependence on funds center, funcional area and commitment item in PSM. At the moment SAP standard does not offer the activity to differentiate this access.

In Controlling SAP offers a solution with the authorization object K_REPO_CCA.

Unfortunately I could not find a similar solution in PSM.

Does SAP offers a solution equal to CO for PSM as well? Can anyone help?

Thanks and regards,



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Hello Silke,

You can use the notes regarding the new authorization objects in PSM in order to change the behavior in reporting of Public Sector Management (PSM) in the case of missing authorizations so that

data without sufficient authorization is filtered out.

Please check the following SAP Notes:

682039 Extended authorization checks in Funds Management

704709 New authorization check in PSM: reporting

704084 New authorization check in PSM: Basis of PSM reporting

704280 New authorization check in PSM: logical database

704643 New authorization check in PSM: Requests

775187 New authorization check in PSM: drilldown reports

778030 Drilldown reports: more objects then authorized

876569 Incorrect authorization check in reporting

In addition, you should consider the authorizations regarding fund center master data.

For example, in transaction code FMSC (fund center master data) it is available the field 'Authorization Group' the same used in the authorization rules.

It is not the 'fund center' field itself, is the group that you are grouping the fund centers for authorization purpose.

If in the table FMFCTR for your FMAREA if you have the same content for all records to this field this means that all your funds center will be part of the SAME authorization group.

So, you should consider within your company to divide the authorization groups according your needs and adjust your roles in PFCG accordingly. Then your authorization will work fine.

If you check available authorizations in tx code SU24 you will see several, among them you will find:

F_FICA_FOG Funds Management: authorization group of fund

F_FICA_FPG Funds Management: authorization group for the cmmt item

F_FICA_FSG Funds Management: authorization group for the funds center

I hope it helps you

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth.

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Hello Vanessa,

thank you very much for your hints. They are very helpful but unfortunately they do not solve my problem. I would like to allow the access for the total items for all commitment items (Authorization groups) but the access for line items only for several commitment items.

Therefor I would need the activity "display line items" and "display total items" but in PSM there is no activity like that.

CO delivers such options, but not PSM.

Do you have an idea how to solve such a requirement?



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Hello Silke,

I tried to check right now in SU24 authorization objects for some PSM report transactions but I could not find anything relevant or useful to be a workaround to you.

I did not have this request in my previous implementation projects, therefore I used the new authorization objects in order to avoid line items with missing authorizations. But I did not remember if in the total values I was able to see all values. Humm, good test to do.

Did you check notes 775187 and 778030? You can apply both notes (if they are valid to the release/package) and do a test with an user that have limited authorization objects. Then you choose a total report in order to see if the in total values screen the user can see all the values and in the drilldow report only his authorization.

I really dont remember if I could see all the values in the first screen, but I remember that in the line item screen I could see only the values that the user has authorization for it.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth.