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Assigning one Cost Center to more than one Fund Center

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Hi People,

We have a requirement. In our client there are more than one User responsible towards the expenses of common nature.

Lets say, We have a "Travel Expense" as a commitment item. Now "Admin department" and "HR Department" are the Fund

centers which we need to Budget with respect to the above Expense. But both the Fund Centers are posting to a Common

Cost Center say "CC101".

In such a scenario the system is not accepting derivation of one cost center to multiple funds center in FMDERIVE. I get the

message "Entries Overlap----->Check your entries".

Is there any way out (customization/userexit/derivation rule) so that the same cost center can be assigned to multiple fund center.




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Link between cost centre and fund centre is determined by functional needs, i.e. there is no technical restriction from SAP here. It's you, who should be able to tell which fund centre is to be derived: if you can do it based on the information in the document, then, most probably, you will be able to define a rule as well. So, based on only cost centre and G/L, how do you know which fund centre is to be picked: Admin or HR?

If you don't know how to derive fund centre simply from cost centre, then you'll have to think of another paramater which will help you to determine which fund centre is to be used. If it seems to be impossible, you have to re-think your organizational structure, and maybe, define additional cost centre.



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Hi Eli,

I am facing the same situation. Our customer put up with a idea and ask me if SAP can implement it --- assign one cost center to multiple fund center? We can sort out the rule. I did some study and I feel like this request need enhancement. Standard configuration might not work out.

Background : our budget bounded between commitment item(mapping with GL account) and fund center ( mapping with cost center)

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I can make the same remark as before; cost centres are not assigned to a fund centre. You can build a business rule deriving fund centre from a cost centre; hence, creating this link. If a posting on a certain cost centre has to go to different fund centres, the system would need additional indicator how to determine it. Unless, fund centre is introduced manually, which is equally an option.