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Activation of Latest Business Function without Activating Older

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We have recently upgraded our system to Enhancement Package 5.

We need a functionality that is avaialble through Business Function (PSM_FM_CI_3). However, there are two similar business functions PSM_FM_CI_1 and PSM_FM_CI_2, which were released as part of EHP4 but we never activated those.

My question, is can we activate the latest Business Function only or we will have to activate all the three?




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Hi Hanif, if u read this:

In prerequisites didn't say anything about these two similar business functions...

Anyway, I hope some FM's guru replay ur topic to confirm my theory

Regards and good luck!

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Hi Hanif,

You can activate the latest business function PSM_FM_CI_3 since it is not related with the others.

I believe it is important to share with you the place in service marketplace where you find ALL the NEW functionalities by release and how to implement it.

Please go to

In the menu in the left, open SAP Solutions -> SAP ERP -> SAP ERP 6.0 -> Enhancement Package 5 -> English

Then you will see all chapters in the right, choose chapter 26 Public Sector.

It will open a PDF file with ALL the new funcionalities for EHP5 related to Public Sector. Use button find to see the information related to PSM_FM_CI_3.

I believe that this answer your inquiry.

Best Regards,