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Activation of Budgetary Ledger and change of update profile for valuetype54

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Hello everyone,

I have some doubts about activation of Budgetary Ledger and I hope you can help me about them.

I want to activate budgetary ledger for my client, go live of our system was in January 2010 so we have more than 1 1/2 year operating. Is there any side effect if I activate budgetary ledger now? or, Are there some points that I have to be aware about this activation?.

Another point related to this activation, is that I'm using update profile 350, so PBET is not active, but as you know if I want to activate budgetary ledger, I have to activate PBET for the value types that are taken into account in Budgetary ledger (Specific, I want value type 54). So, my second question: Is there any side effect if I change from Year-based to Period-based for value type 54?

Thanks very much in advance for your help and I hope you can help me.

Best regards

Manuel Nieto


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Hi Manuel, nice to meet u.

Please make one thread per topic.

About activate budgetary ledger u must be careful about the objects of FM, and its enforcement in the status fields at all system, because when u active FM, all imputations in the positions of documents will be controlled by the budget ledger. Understand? U should test in IDES system... I recommend u

About PBET I can't help u ... because I don't use it now... maybe tomorrow 😛

I will follow this issue closely.

Regards from Argentine.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Manuel,

You can find good documentation in the online help, regarding to the steps to follow and points to take into account:

[], specially chapter 'Preparing the Budgetary Ledger"

Usually, in order to keep good track on the changes and to facilitate organized reporting, I would suggest activation as of the new fiscal year.

Then, you may need PBET active for those BL relevant value types.

Hope this will help you