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Account assignment for clearing lines

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My client business need the derivation tool to overwrite the commitment item for the clearing account lines (operation WRX) instead of being inherited from the predecessor PO.

Therefore, as specified in sap note 923672, I activated the predelivered parameter FLG_FMDERIVE_FORCE in table FM01X. Unfortunately the results were not as I expected. Although it shows in the derivation trace that the commitment item is overwritten for the clearing account, this does not match with the FI doc.

Have anyone ever used this feature? Do anyone know why this is happening?

Best regards,



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Hello Bernardo,

Same problem has been reported in the OSS, (probably by you?).

Depending on the release and support package customers are working on, these notes should solve the problem, some of them are also for overwriting PO account assignment in Service Entry Sheets:

977363 New manual FM account assignment incorrectly overwritten --> (specially this one)

1041730 FM Account Assignments objects are not correctly determined

1077529 RFFMCHAT incorrectly calls FMDERIVE instead of reassignment

1146677 Service Entry Sheet FM account assignment inherited from PO

Kind regards,

Mar Novalbos

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Hi Mar,

you're right, I have reported this issue. As I said earlier my problem was solved when I applied the notes. However, for service entry sheets the pre deliver parameter FLG_FMDERIVE_FORCE is not the right one to be applied. In this case as well described in note 1146677 parameter FLG_SES_OVERWRITE is the right one.

Thanks for the help, keep in contact!



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Hi Bernardo, you are absolutely right. I forgot to clarify that

See you!

Kind regards,