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TSW Transport System deletion

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I have run O4TL but it only marks it for deletion but does not physically delete it.

I didn't find any archiving object for Transport System.

How do I physically delete a Transport System?


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Hi Jose,

If you don't mind, could we know why do you want to delete? Is there any error message reflecting?

Please Note that, A transport request cannot be deleted with locked objects. To do so: SE03 --> Request Task --> Unlock Objects --> give the Request/task number and execute.

Go to SE03 and give the request no and execute, it will unlock the objects for that request.

Now go to SE10 and delete the objects in that request and then the request.

Here the related object is :- O_OI0_TCD



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Hi Kaushik,

It does not have to do with transport requests.  TSW Transport System is master data for TSW.

Anyway thanks,