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TD IS-OIL Loading confirmation O4G1 with several batches

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Hello, we have to load a delivery with two o more batches with transaction O4G1, anybody knows how it is possible?

Thanks in advance and best regards.


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in O4g1 transaction for different batches maintain stages in the tab after compartment where you can maintain stages .

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Hi, thanks for your collaboration, but i don´t understand you. Could you explain me the steps?


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Hi In O4G1 transaction if you want to add more batch firstly you need delivery doc in shipment then it directly comes to load confirmation

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Hello ,

Automatic determination of batches is not possible at the time of Load confirmation for Outbound dlv's.

Classic way of using this functionality is to set up automatic batch determination at the time of outbound delivery (so, as you see its still in planning stage). Later, Shipment is created in which a clear allocation of vehicle-compartment is done for each batch managed item.

Now, the Loading Confirmation takes place with this setup already beeen done.

Also, as you see we just have an option to change the batches at the time of Loading Confirmation, but there is no auto determination available.

Regards ,

Jerin Ipe John .

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Hi Jerin Ipe John thanks for your help, we don´t know the batches at time of ontbound delivery, we know at time of loading confirmation.

The problem is that we have only one delivery item and we have to load it with two batches in a vehicle with only one compartment multi-product.


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Hello  Gonzalo Alvarez Mejias

     I know i am too late for this answer. We can assign the multiple batches at the time of Loading confirmation. In Loading confirmation, select the line item and click on Load bulk details and enter the required batches with appropriate quantity.