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SAP IS-Oil: Automatic updation of F&A in the contract

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HI Experts,

I'm facing a problem in the contract with automatic updation of "update F&A", while sending a price notification to the customer via batch-job.

Our client uses contracts based on which price notifications are sent. When one contract is about to expire, a new contract is being created before the present contract is expired,

Example: Contract1 - Validity start: 01.01.2014 and Validity end: 30.06.2014

                Contract2 - Validity start: 01.07.2014 and Validity end: 31.12.2014

In this scenario, while creating contract2 if I give pricing date as 01.07.2014 then there is an error "mandatory condition is missing", due to unavailability of quotations. If I give document date as pricing date sys is considering old condition record values. If a batch-job is scheduled for 01.07.2014, the system should update new condition record and send the price notification to the customer.

Kindly help me in this regard.

Thank you in advance.


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it depends on the Quotation average period.

as per you words, if you make the document date as the pricing date, it take old quotation availbale. so i assume you created the contract before 01.07.2014 where you dont have quotes for 01.07.2014.

When you schedule a price notifction  job  for future date, you should also ensure you contract is repriced for the date of 01.07.2014. To achieve this schedule a job which will change the pricing date in the contract to job schedule date so that a new pricng is carried out for the contract and it also update the F&A.

Ensure your Reference date exit in final and provisional rule is pricing date.