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"A Term" analysis as an annexure to invoice output

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Dear All,


We have a requirement from business to have "A term" analysis (with day wise
quotes and average) to be printed as an annexure to the commercial invoice.


Has any one developed or having these kind of outputs? If yes, please let me know the
logic. Our support company says this cannot be achieved…




Former Member
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Please clarify how and where are you storing the day wise quotes anywhere in SAP?  Printing in commercial invoice is not an issue. Once place where the quotes are stored is known, then a suitasble logic can be provided.


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Hi Rahul

The daily quotes from the source is updated in O3I2 through PI interface everyday

The requirement for annexture, apart from listing day wise  quotes and average, also includes some field values to be printed from the Line ltem values of A term (term status, formula evaluation status, calculated rate with UOM,factor1 &2 in screenshot)

Thanks B.GIRI

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Hi B.Giri,

I had experienced similar requirements not probably same. This is definitely not standard and would need some form of enhancement and very much possible. The data you are looking for is mostly master data from O3I2 and O3I7 the only dynamic value could be the calculated rate. All you need is am additional form to be printed along with the invoice either at the same time or via a Z Tcode. Hope this helps.