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QCI routines.

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Dear All,

Need your ehlp.

As I understand that QCI calculation can happen in two ways i.e. internal or external.

If we select internal then we need to run SE38 for program " ROIB_QCI_SET_OIB01_INT_EXT " and select the internal QCI conversion.

If we select external QCI calculation then select button " Call API codes " and use API or Quantity ware routines from RFC server and do the calculations.

Pls. advise if I my understanding is correct .




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Dear Vijay,

Report ROIB_QCI_SET_OIB01_INT_EXT has been delivered by SAP so that you can turn off the external call of the SAP template conversion groups. This is typically required if you have not yet decided if you will utilize the API c-codes or e.g. the QuantityWare BCP solution.

This way, you can run the SAP installation test witout having made that decision. Important to note that the calculation results of the approx. 16 SAP conversion groups will then deliver dummy results.

If you then decide to utilize e.g. QuantityWare BCP, Quantityware delivers its own full blown test suite which performs a second functional correctness test of the QuantityWare BCP delivery:

In Chapter 3 of this document, the installation test is described. Approx. 300 000 automated quantity conversions are tested and compared with the 300 000 validated examples.

After these two tests (SAP installation w/o external routines and QuantityWare BCP 10A installation test you are done and you can select from the more then 350 QuantityWare template conversion groups.

If you decide to utilize a legacy API c-code installation, you have to reset the SAP template conversion groups using ROIB_QCI_SET_OIB01_INT_EXT and re-run the SAP installation test. Then about 20 simple test examples are again executed, but still without functional correctness check of the calculation result. These examples only check if the API c-codes deliver a result.

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,


Former Member
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Hello Vijay,

Yes your understanding is correct, only in addition to the program in case of internal call, you need to maintain few customized Z Tables for each ASTM tables.



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Problem solved

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hi experts!

i has a problem : in t-code O4G1 ( load confirmation) when chose function on menu: goto --> QCI parameters then not display screen QCI.

how to display screen QCI?

please help me!

thanks so much!