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Oil and Gas Client Discussion on PRA Processes

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My customer, a major company in the oil and gas industry, would like to obtain some key functional/application contacts, for a Client to Client call.  The outline of the call(s) will be to discuss certain: process overview, (ii) process pain points, (iii) process compare for best practices,alleviations of pain points.  My client envisions these cross-calls in the future on various topics, again to help understand and share how other customers execute a process, understand where and why there are difference, etc.

The first area of interest is PRA.


Areas of Interest/SubAreas

PRA>Division of Interest (DOI) transfers
maintenance, JV and Reporting

PRA>Prior Period Adjustments

PRA>Checkwrite process and Reporting


REQUEST:  For each sub request above, would you be willing to join a discussion to share the details of your (or client's) process.


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Recommend you connect with - if you haven't already done so -  in our Oil & Gas Industry Solutions Management team responsible for this area of solutions and get connected with the customers and workstreams within the Integrated Digital Oilfield Operations community he co-manages with leads from the Industry at HESS and ConocoPhillips.