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Migo Movement type

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Dear exspert

My problem is to set additional tax when the user to do the transfer posting with movement type 309.

When i to do the transfer posting In document account of material document there is the excise duty stock with the transaction key SV0 Mxxx and

the c/stock VB0 whit the account Mxxx.

Now i would that in my document account number there is other 2 transaction key with the name SV1 and VV1 with the rate of new tax.

How can i to do it?

Thank you so much

Best regards


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Dear Luca,

The problem is caused by a failure in the Customizing of the FI table T030B. To solve it, follow the next steps:

1-. In the Customizing System Client, Go to the Customizing  transaction FBKP - "Maintain

     Accounting Configuration".

2-. Click in the field "Automatic Postings" of the Selection blue box.

3-. Click the Group "EXD - Excise Duty Accounting".

4-. Click the Procedure "SV0 - Excise Duty Inventory".

5-. Enter the Chart of Account.

6-. Now you can Maintain the FI Configuration for Automatic Posting:

         6A - Assign the Automatic Account

         6B - Assign the Posting Key

7-. Save the entries in a TR.

For the Procedure s:

    VB0 - Excise Duty Consumption,

    SV1 - Excise Duty Inventory Rate 1.

    VV1 - Excise Duty Claim(dr)/Liability(cr) Rt 1.

Repeat the steps beginning in number 4, then transport to your Develop System Client.