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IS OIL Training

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Hi everyone,

this is senthil palaniappan, a postgraduate IT engineer with one year Refinery Project experience.

i have very good knowledge and exposure on Oil & Gas Industry.

Also very good at Refining and Supply chain management of raw materials(crude) and products!

My profile is like that!

Yes i am in Oil Movement & Storage!

but i want switch my career into SAP IS_OIL. I will be very happy if anyone could help me out ?

i tried to get training in SAP IS OIl , so far i have n't got any encouraging results!

there is no training center at all!

how can i get the oppurtunity?

looking forward to the replies!!

Senthil Palaniappan


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Hi senthil,

These are the course available for IS-OIL

You can enroll online for the courses ..

If you have OIL system configured .. can help a lot ….

Let me know if you are interested in an specific component ….

If you have documentation for ecatts it will be very helpful to go through scenarios …

Hope this helps !!


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I realy happy to get a reply , thanks !

but i need some basic details!

I am very much interested in <b>Oil&Gas supply chain</b>!

could you please explain the OIL system?what is ecatts?

could you help me to get training in Oil&Gas supply chain component?

looking forward to the replies!

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Well supply process includes may aspects scheduling , exchange activates transportation ,product movement, storage ,distribution ,pricing , etc …

this link may help

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Thanks , for reply!

also the link was very useful.are you working in IS_OIL module?

i am from india , here as far as i have hared,no institution is offering training on this?

how could be able to get the certification?

i am very curious in an oppurtunity to wok on this module!

can anyone please help me on this?

waiting for the results!

Senthil Palaniappan

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Glad to here it helped !! you can contact either siemens

(education partner for SAP) of SAP LABS India for the

oil and gas supply chain course . plz chk the link in my first replay


ps : do reward points if ur okay with the answer …

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Thanks for giving me the reply!

Are you into SAP IS OIL right now?

how about the oppurtunities as a fresher?

I need your Guidence! is it possible to get into SAP IS OIL without certification?

please i need your guidence!


Senthil Palaniappan

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Hi all,

here u can find about is-oil training from sap, pls find in this below link.

and also if the people are have good functional experience and exposure in the oil and gas industry definitely there will be a good opportunities available in the market.

if successfully completed the sap offered certification then immeadiatley people will get good opportunity.


Hari Shankar