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IS Oil tables

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Does any one here have compilation of all IS Oil tables? OIH..., etc. Will you share this compilation to us?




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it is not coming in proper way send me on amit.talathi at lntinfotech dot com

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If you satisfy with the reply please provide me the points

Table Name Short text

1. O2APPL O2: BSP Applications

2. O2APPLT O2: BSP Application Texts

3. O2BROWSERS Supported Browser Types

4. O2HTMLATTR Attributes of HTML Tags


6. O2LANGTYPE HTML Language Dialects

7. O2NAVGRAPH Navigation Modeler

8. O2NAVMAP Illustration of Navigation Nodes on Pages

9. O2PAGCON INDX File for Oxygen Pages

10. O2PAGDIR Oxygen: Page Directory

11. O2PAGDIRI Oxygen: Page Directory (Inactive)

12. O2PAGDIRT Short Text for Oxygen Pages

13. O2PAGEVH OXYGEN: Event Handler

14. O2PAGINC Where-Used Table for Page Includes

15. O2PAGPAR Oxygen: Parameter (for Page/Prolog)

16. O2PAGPART Oxygen: Parameter (for Page/Prolog)

17. O2PAGRT Oxygen: INDX File for Static HTML Pool (Ru

18. O2PAGTLIB Use Tables for Tag Libraries in BSP Pages

19. O2TAG BSP Elements

20. O2TAGATT BSP Element Attributes

21. O2TAGLIB BSP Extensions

22. O2TAGOPTS Tag Library: User Settings

23. O2TAGREG Registry for Language Type Subtrees

24. O2THEMECUS O2: Customizing Theme <-> BSP Application

25. O2THEMEREL O2: Table for Relationship Between LOIOs a

26. O2THEMES O2: Themes for BSP Applications

27. O2THEMEST O2: Text for Themes

28. O2XMLDESC XML Description

29. O2XSLTDESC Storage for XSLT Programs

30. O2XSLTOTR OTR Texts for XSLT Programs

31. O2XSLTTEXT Short Descriptions for XSLT Programs

32. OA0817BAR Customizing Table for BUS0817

33. OA0817IMP Customizing Inplace Display

34. OABUS0817 Table for ArchiveLink Test Object Types

35. OABUS817A Attribute Table of BUS0817

36. OAPRE SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for early, la

37. OAPRI SAP ArchiveLink: Temporary table for print

38. OBEW Valuated Stock with Subcontractor

39. OBEWH Valuated Stock with Subcontractor: History

40. OBGD Assignment of Object Group to Event (Forec

41. OBGV Forecast Object Groups

42. OBJ_DIFF Show Differences in Overlapping Objects in


44. OBJH Object: Header

45. OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List

46. OBJLAN Object: Special Rule for Original Language

47. OBJM Object Method

48. OBJS Object: Object List

49. OBJSL Object: Object List - Logical Object

50. OBJSUB Subobjects

51. OBJSUBREP For transact. 0REP: Program to be started

52. OBJSUBRESN Reserved System Suffixes for Sub-Object Na

53. OBJSUBT Object: Short Description of Sub-Object

54. OBJT Description of Type T Objects (Separate Tr

55. OCMHOMO_ARCH Backup Table of Homogeneity List in Case o

56. OCSCMPLOBJ Complete Information for Objects (with TAD

57. OCSPATNTCI Buffer for Support Package Attributes for


59. OFNUM_IT_1 Official Numbering by Document Class-enabl

60. OFNUM_TW_2 Official Numbering by Business Places-enab

61. OFX_BP_MSGS_FIEB Customizing of OFX Message Sets for Busine

62. OFX_LA_MSGS_FIEB Message Sets per Business Process

63. OFX_VERSION_FIEB Attributes for a DTD Version of OFX

64. OI001 Company Code Parameters

65. OIA01 Exchange header table

66. OIA02 Exchange item data - sales side

67. OIA03 Exchange item data - purchasing side

68. OIA05 Quantity schedule scheduling table - sales

69. OIA05H Quantity schedule header table - sales sid

70. OIA06 Quantity schedule scheduling table - purch

71. OIA06H Quantity schedule header table - purchasin

72. OIA07 Logical Inventory Valuation Segment Table

73. OIA08 LIA Document: Item Data

74. OIA08H LIA Document: Header Data

75. OIA10 Exchange - Netting document item

76. OIA10E Index table to find netting docs. by excha

77. OIA10H Exchange - Netting document header

78. OIA10L Exchange - Blocked FI-documents by netting

79. OIA11 Exchange assignment for deliveries

80. OIA12 Exchange assignment for bulk shipments

81. OIA12I Movement Based Netting document item

82. OIA12ICOND Conditions of OIA12I items

83. OIAF7 Formula Condition Txn Data-Header (enhance

84. OIAF8 Formula Condition Data - Terms (enhance CI

85. OIAF9 Formula Condition Data-Term Items (enhance

86. OIAFE Fee history table

87. OIAMP Price reference plant assignment table

88. OIANF Fee Condition Records

89. OIAQA Exchange Statement Print Requests

90. OIAQB Exchange Movements Index

91. OIB_ANALYS_CNTRL Silo Management

92. OIB_AROM_HEADER header data table: Industrial aromatic hyd


94. OIB_AROM_VCF Customizing table for Aromatics Volume Cor

95. OIB_CONV_RDGRP Table for classification Conversiongrp - R

96. OIB_DEF Set default table/transaction switch

97. OIB_DEF_INDEX_GM Default index for Goods Movement

98. OIB_DEFAULTS Table for Oil Defaults

99. OIB_DIP_WL_INDEX Worklist for Silo Management Tank Dips

100. OIB_DIP_WL_USER User Assignment to Silo Man.tank dip workl

101. OIB_DIP_WORKLIST Worklist for Silo Management Tank Dips

102. OIB_MIGO_HHEAD Store the GOHEAD for MIGOs hold/restore fe

103. OIB_MIGO_HQCI Store the QCI-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restor

104. OIB_MIGO_HQCI_E Store the QCI-GOITEM-Bapiret for MIGOs hol

105. OIB_MIGO_HQCI_P Store the QCI-GOITEM-Parameter for MIGOs h

106. OIB_MIGO_HQCI_Q Store the QCI-GOITEM-Quantity for MIGOs ho

107. OIB_MIGO_HTST Store the TST-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restor

108. OIB_PPP_DATA Physical properties data table

109. OIB_PPP_HEADER Header data: physical properties of hydroc

110. OIB_PPP_HEADERT Header table: phys. properties of hydrocar

111. OIB_QTCD_RESID Table for residence time Check

112. OIB_RDGGROUPT Description of reading group parameter

113. OIB_RDGRDEF Definition of Reading Groups

114. OIB_RDGRDEFT Description of Reading Group Definition

115. OIB_READINGGROUP Reading group : Define parameters for a co

116. OIB_T156_FIELDS Material-stock field relation with stock t

117. OIB_TANKDIP Silo management tank strapping history

118. OIB_USERPARAM HPM user parameter/defaults/favorites

119. OIB01 Definition of Conversion Groups

120. OIB01T Conversion Group Text

121. OIB02 Conversion Mode (Old Transactions)

122. OIB03 Default value qty.conversion (OBSOLETE,do

123. OIB04 Function module definition (API/AGA/Custom

124. OIB05 Oil unit of measure groups

125. OIB06 HPM Unit of Measurement Group: Definition

126. OIB06T Unit of Measure group description

127. OIB07 Parameter of the Quantity Conversion Inter

128. OIB07_HELP Parameter of the Quantity Conversion Inter

129. OIB07T Parameter of the Quantity Conversion Inter

130. OIB08 Log for HIM Quantities out of sync with SK

131. OIB09 Log for missing MSEGO1 and MSEGO2 document

132. OIC_ANALLVL Pattern analysis level

133. OIC_ANALLVL_FLDS Fields Used in Pattern Analysis Levels

134. OIC_ANALLVL_T Description of Level in Pattern Analysis

135. OIC_CPE_FO_LINK Relationship Between F&A Formula and CPE F

136. OIC_FO_ITM_MIGR Formula Structure Pattern - Term Item Patt

137. OIC_FO_MIGR_REQ Formula Patterns per Run

138. OIC_FO_PER_MIGR Formula Structure Pattern - Header and Per

139. OIC_FORM_ATTRIB Attributes of Business Context for F&A For

140. OIC_KONV Conditions (Procedure Data)

141. OIC_LSMW_PROJ Used LSMW Project for Data exchange

142. OIC_OIANF Fee Condition Records

143. OICDC Differential Reference Code

144. OICDT Differential Reference Code - Texts

145. OICF1_MIGR Results from Pattern Analysis for Structur

146. OICF1_MIGR_REQ Header Patterns per Run

147. OICF2_MIGR Results from Pattern Analysis for Structur

148. OICF2_MIGR_REQ Period Patterns per Run

149. OICF3_MIGR Results from Pattern Analysis for Structur

150. OICF3_MIGR_REQ Item Patterns per Run

151. OICGN Gross/Net Rule Defaulting

152. OICINT_CAL Interest calculation

153. OICINT_MASTER Interest master data

154. OICINT_SPL Special interest table

155. OICMI Metropolitan Indicator

156. OICMT Metropolitan Indicator u2013 Texts

157. OICNU Gross/Net volume UoM relationships

158. OICPL Customer price list

159. OICQ1 Formula Repository - Formula Header

160. OICQ2 Formula Repository - Formula Term

161. OICQ3 Formula Repository - Formula Term Item

162. OICQ4 Formula Condition Data - Formula Header

163. OICQ5 Formula Condition Data - Formula Terms

164. OICQ6 Formula Condition Data - Formula Term Ite

165. OICQ7 Formula Condition Txn Data-Header (enhanc

166. OICQ8 Formula Condition Data - Terms (enhance C

167. OICQ9 Formula Condition Data-Term Items (enhanc

168. OICQC Quotation Check Table

169. OICQCNTL Control Table for F&A Repository

170. OICQCT Quotation description table

171. OICQOIL F&A Oil Table for Repository Default

172. OICQP Quotation Price Information Table

173. OICQS Quotation Source

174. OICQST Quotation Source Description

175. OICQT Quotation Type

176. OICQTT Quotation Type Description

177. OICRD Second level pricing report output defini

178. OICRDT Report column description

179. OICSDPCDVER Change document version management

180. OICSL State License Fee Zone

181. OICST State License Fee Zone - Texts

182. OICWA Wide Area Pricing Zone

183. OICWT Wide Area Pricing Zone - Texts

184. OID_TRIP Pipeline Trip Numbers

185. OID_WEAG Last Order Ship-to/Sold-to

186. OID9I Remapping Default Item Categories

187. OIDAP Automatic Plant Determination

188. OIFAAMCSA Subscreen assignments (IS-Oil MRN APPEND m

189. OIFBBP1 Business partner role assignments (IS-Oil

190. OIFBPBLT Location type - permissible partner roles

191. OIFBRD1 Link dialogs supported for BP - technical

192. OIFBRD1T Link dialog descriptive text (IS-Oil MRN)

193. OIFBRD2 SPA/GPA parameters supported for partner l

194. OIFBRF1 Business partner roles (IS-Oil MRN)

195. OIFBRF1T Business partner roles - texts (IS-Oil MRN

196. OIFBRF2 Bus. par. roles - permissible tech. catego

197. OIFBRT1 Business partner roles - technical categor

198. OIFBRT1T Business partner roles - tech. category te

199. OIFCHRS2 Retail Network Contract service hours type

200. OIFCHRS2S Retail Network Contract service hours type

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it is not coming in proper way send me on amit.talathi at lntinfotech dot com

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Hi Amit,

I tried sending email to you but it got rejected. Is this right - lntinfotech?



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yes it is correct. or try it on gmail

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click on my name...or my business card there u will get my id.