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Intransit Plant

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Dear All,

Need your help to understand whether we can make an assignment of intransit plant concept in TD shipment ? I am able to see the intrasit storage location ( O5AY ).But there is no provision to define the intransit plant. except OX10

I am wondering where we can use this concept.

Intransit Plant

When shipping large quantities of product over long distances such as in pipeline and marine shipments, it can be necessary to maintain a segregated overview of the intransit stock. This can be done by representing the vehicle as a separate plant, known as an intransit plant. It is possible to allocate all vehicles to a single intransit plant or, alternatively, to set up a separate intransit plant for each vehicle.

The intransit plant can consist of multiple storage locations for product tracking purposes as it moves along its route.

The allocation of the intransit plant is specified in the underlying documents that are assigned to the shipment.

Our process flow is as follows . Although we are just in process of Blue print phase. Hence discussion on all processes are not yet started.

1.0 Material imported.

2.0 Material shipped by supplier on ship. ( Here I am thinking ship to be defined as intransit plant with multiple intransit storage loc )

3.0 Ship reaches to Mumbai port.

4.0 Discharge take place through pipe line. ( Consider pipe line as in transit storage location )

5.0 Material receipt in tanks.

6.0 invoice settlement

Pls. advise whether I am correct.

Thanks in advance.


Vijay Mundke

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Hello Vijay,

Intransit plant concept fits very well with many oil companies as they would like to have a visibility of their moving goods. But there in no separate intransit plant config like we have for intransit Sloc unless you are using TSW along with TD where you can define an intransit plant in master data.

With only TD you may define a separate intransit plant but the business transaction will demand few extra steps to consider that, this will increase user activity, unless you go for a developoment which can automatically transfer goods from / to intransit plant in every transfer between actual sending and receiving plant.



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I see a trans-shipment scenario here. The mode of transport changes from Marine to Pipeline at the Mumbai port (trans-shipment point).

Essentially, you would have to create an in-transit Plant/SLoc for each mode of transport (Marine and Pipe).

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