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Configuring Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)

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Can anyone help me with the step by step configuration steps for JVA? I am using ECC 6.0 and we do not have any Standard SAP Delivered JVA Config. This could have helped to copy tables from client etc.

We do not have the best practices of SAP JVA installed either. So I am doing the configuration from scratch. Do let me know if I can follow any methodology to configure the same.

Thanks in advance.



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Follow the path in SPRO for JVA. However before you start configuring JVA you need to analyze the requirement related to Partners (Operating and Non-Operating), their Equity Shares, types of Equity Groups, Billing mode, Allocation of Cost, Recovey Indicator, cash call, etc. Its better to do a thourough analysis before starting the config.



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Hello Sanjay

Is there any way you can guide me as to how to go about learning or training in this subject. SAP does a couple of days course which is pointless. Are there any documents or book on configuration steps just to learn and practice. I have searched the web for courses at university and nothing comes up for JVA/PRA. I am really not sure how one actually gets to learn JVA/PRA. Kindly advise. Thanks 

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Hi Rajesh,

The link provided by you no longer works. Is it possible for you to send the revised link, if you know of, where I can find the configuration document for SAP-JVA.

Currently I am stuck executing Cash Call process and encountering the error message # GJ538. I have attched the screen prints of it. Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Jatin,

Items AB, AC under 'Function' CCOP come predelivered. I am not sure if one needs to 'activate' any items under any function.

You may want to check the following:

   - In the first screen shot, no special GL indicator is mentioned for item 'AB'

   - check the settings for item 'AC'

Also check that the 'Cash call' box is ticked under t code GJ47.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Sameer,

Appreciate your feedback. Iwas able to resolve the issue. The system I am working, Function 'CCOP' did not come predelivered. I had to do lot of trial and errors and was able to gifure out that it needs item AB and AC.

You are correct. I have them configured with the special GL indicator "K" and "L". The Cash Call box is checked in GJ47.

Finally it is posting correctly in the correct bucket. However, I need to move to the next level to have them clear automatically rather than manual clearing process at the sub-ledger level.

Will close the issue.

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Anyone with Documentation on JVA? both configuration Manual, Blueprints and User Manuals

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there aren't as such best practice for JVA. But before I would to understand some setup in your system.

  • When you have mentioned ERP6.0, have you also activated NewGL?
  • Is rollout from scratch or do you using an existing setup?
  • Do you have the business scope of your processes? Actually from country to country, you have to customize the JVA module / activate the processes in the different way.

Regards, Maxim

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Dear all,

I am also searching for the config guides for JVA. JVA has already been activated in our system, but the blank configuration made us so confused about what we should do. I have 2 scenarios:

- Scenario 1: 2 companies form a joint venture (each party accounts for 50%), our client wants to record the venture's transactions in SAP system.

- Scenario 2: 2 companies sign a business cooperation contract, our client is responsible for recording all expenses and revenue and then allocate the profit to the other party.

Could you give me any config docs or any links to SAP config guides? Your help would be much more appreciated.