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Resolved! Hi all

Hi, When doing sales order in T.C-VA01.from where the system will copy LOAD ID .the combination of load ID i know .But how is the new LOAD ID number comminfg to the sales order when creating sales order every time please tell me how the LOAD ID num...

Resolved! TSW for fleeting locations

The customer I am working for loads barges at a vendor location and sends them along the river to own warehouse locations or straight to customer locations.  This is all regular TSW.But some of the barges don’t go to either places and are sent to fle...

Resolved! Physical Inventory process

Hi,Could someone please explain or provide a document or a link for the physical inventory process in SAP oil & gas in down strean business. How is it done? What are the process steps with transaction codes? How are the gain/loss posted? etc.Thank yo...

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Resolved! EPA id and RIN number

I am from Brazil and never heard about RIN.  I am doing TSW at a project in USA and am the only "Oil" consultant.  The customer asked me how we manage the RIN: where we store it, how we buy/sell it etc.As I said, I have no idea.  Does anyone know how...