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Resolved! snap shots for Irs

Hi Guys Can u help me out in sending Screen shots for Inspection Report Submission for materials IS-OIL screens. Screen shots will contain multple tabs and each tab willhave multiple field entries. Tabs may vary e.g header, Inspection Company, Load...

Resolved! IS Oil Configuration

Hi GuysCould you pleas elet me know whats the difference between standard R/3 and IS Oil functionality wise.Any specific difference in screen wise from standard SAP.what are main process happens in Oil industry interms of MM perspective.Any unique sc...

IS OIL Training

Hi everyone,this is senthil palaniappan, a postgraduate IT engineer with one year Refinery Project experience.i have very good knowledge and exposure on Oil & Gas Industry.Also very good at Refining and Supply chain management of raw materials(crude)...

Resolved! IS-OIL PRA.

Hi all, I am new to IS-OIL PRA. I want to start working on PRA. I want to know the flow how to start from IMG and master data.I am confused of how to start and how the data flows from different table.As of now pls can some one help me of how to...