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Resolved! IS Oil vs. SAP TSW

Hello, today I talked to a customer about their general requirements. They requested to potentially replace their legacy system with SAP. They want to perform the following functions: Fleet scheduling to treat wells with chemical servicing. Manage th...

Resolved! JVA with ECC6

Hi - has anyone implemented (or migrated) JVA on(to) ECC6? What happens with Flex ledger - any funnies if we put that in. Also has anyone implemented JVA on a box that is alreafy live without JVA?cheersErica

Resolved! Issue while doing PGI

hi all,I need a user exit or badi or any method through which i can change the value in the material document when i do PGI. i need to change the value in the material document when i press PGI button in the delivery document.Thanks and Regards,M.Pha...

OGSD for ERP6.0

Gurus:I applied OGSD to R/3 4.7 7 years ago and since then I have not done any OGSD installation.Now I am asked to install OGSD on ERP6.0. Is SAINT still the only tcode to install OGSD? I have searched OGSDat SMP however the newest notes are all i...

Resolved! TSW events

Hi everybody, I need your guidance to understand what are TSW events and how we can use them. Please do not paste any SAP help portal URLs. I have already gone thru the same. It will be very nice if somebody can explain how it is used in nomination, ...

QCI routines.

Dear All, Need your ehlp. As I understand that QCI calculation can happen in two ways i.e. internal or external. If we select internal then we need to run SE38 for program " ROIB_QCI_SET_OIB01_INT_EXT " and select the internal QCI conversion. If we s...