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Resolved! Data Collation Idoc

Hello Experts,I am trying to create Data collation report using a standard message type '/ICO/DCDOC'. The Idoc is getting created successfully but it remains in Status '62' and it is not processing further. Can anyone help me on this? Also if anybody...

Resolved! SAP IS Oil Application.

Hi great ones,I have BSc(hons) in IT and I have 2 year experience as a technical support analyst.But I am fed with this type of job and I want to change into SAP field.I have been seraching for information about which area I should go to and I come a...

Resolved! Help on SAP OGSD

Dear friends, I would like to know how the table /ICO/MO_KLIMIT is getting updated after sales order created. Problem is the updation is not uniform - means it is not updating for all the sales orders. Even if it is updating for all the sales orders,...

Stock generation

Dear gurus, I am a PP consultant.In IS oil if the opening dip level and clsoing diplevel of the tank is entered in IS OIL transaction weather it will calculate stock in metric ton?.Weather in MMBE we can able to see the stock?RegardsGuna