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SAP TSW (Traders' and Schedulers' Workbench) is successfully being used by many Oil & Gas, Mining and Chemical companies to manage their trading, scheduling and Logistics functions efficiently for last several years.

Couple of weeks back, a SAP IS-OIL professional asked me what the latest innovations within SAP TSW are. It was a memory teaser! I had to recollect all those developments which we did and explain him. Later after a week together with colleague Christina (, I decided to put this in a structured format, to let SAP TSW professionals around the world know - What's inside SAP TSW for ECC 6.0.

So what is in now? Now SAP TSW addresses Bulk Trading & Scheduling as an end-to-end, cross-functional process providing unified view of information to traders, schedulers & finance analysts.I assume that, you already have some background about SAP TSW. We added new capabilities around following processes.

  • Trading & Risk Management

  • Scheduling & Logistics

  • Easy to use Web Interface for scheduling

  • Analytics

In this first part of the Blog, I cover first 2 topics.

Trading & Risk Management:

Integration with SAP Global Trade Management allows operating scheduling operations in line with trading functions. This provides better visibility & risk management capabilities. As of Enhancement Pack 3 for SAP ERP 6.0, you find following capabilities

  • Capture scheduling details while creating or changing Trading Contract

  • Transfer trade deals from external systems as Trading Contract using SOA enabled interfaces and capture scheduling information & events

  • Create TSW nomination referring to Trade contracts .This allows to synchronize the open and scheduled quantity, thereby better risk management

Additionally SOA enablement was designed as of Enhancement Pack 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

  • Set of SOA enabled interfaces to integrate with non SAP/custom trading front ends


Scheduling & Logistics

Several new features are added to scheduling capabilities. Following list provides a better understanding of these enhancements.

Scheduling & Logistics


Multi Material View

Allows schedulers to have aggregated and expanded views of stock levels of multiple materials at a glance


Enhancement Pack 3 for SAP ERP 6.0


Railcar transport

Capture railcar information in nomination at transport unit or compartment level


Enhancement Pack 3 for SAP ERP 6.0


Delivery and Material Document creation possible at sub-item level


Enhancement Pack 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 *


Document flow extended by drill-down on Deliveries and Material Documents


Gas Allocation


Gas Allocation allows to adjust and allocate quantity differences which occur during gas transportation


Enhancement Pack 3 for SAP ERP 6.0


Hatch Plan


Hatch Plan allows tracking the schedule for loading materials into the hatches of the vessel. You can exchange this information with the carrier and the vessel captain


Pipeline Cycles


Pipeline Cycle allows to  track pipeline cycles , which could be used to avoid mixing different types of crude oil in one cycle and also to avoid overlapping of the different pipeline cycle


Enhanced User Access Management


Enhanced user access management allows restricting the data access for nominations & ticket documents based on several criteria including transport system, shipper, carrier, document type, location. Ticketing can be further restricted by activity types such as actualization, correction & reversal.



Hope you find the above information helpful .Please drop in your comments / feedback / Suggestions / below.  You can reach out to me at

I will be back again next week with details on Analytics & Web UI for scheduling. Stay tuned.

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