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MTS With Configurable Materials in DIMP

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Hello  DIMP Experts,

I am trying to build scenario of producing MTS material with configuration in production order itself. Latest documentation refers - It is possible to do configuration in production order without using APO. However I am struggling to make it work in ECC.

Has anyone experience in building such scenario?

I tried using KMAT Material but production order asks sales order reference for KMAT always. Do we need to create variant material of config and overwrite its characterize values in production order to get MTS with config materials?

Eventually there is no real documentation available on SAP help to build this scenario?

Please let me know - What are master data / config requirement for MTS for configurable materials? Is APO absolutely must or it can work without APO.




0 Kudos Santosh,

The MTS production for configurable material scenario is supported in IS-MP (industry solution for mill products) with DIMP activation. Please refer to SAP Help ( Please note that the IS-MP together with DIMP has become part of core for S/4 HANA since OP 1510.

With the above scenario, you can change the characteristics values in production order and no sales order assignment is required.

The material must be batch managed. You also need to set 'CMTS characteristics changeable' indicator @ IMG -> Production -> Shop Floor Control -> Master Data -> Order -> Define Additional Settings for Production Order.

When work with SAP APO, you must use CDP (Characteristic Dependent Planning). The configurable material or the material variant must be contained in an active integration model.

When work with non-SAP planning system, set the 'Planning method' as 'Planned by external system' in MRP Type configuration for the material @ IMG Production -> Material Requirement Planning -> Master Data -> Check MRP types.

Related to sales order processing with MTS Production for configurable material scenario, you may want to refer to SAP help 'Changing Characteristics Values in Material Variants'.

Hope the above information can help.

Best regards,


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MTS with VC is always used by Mill Products like Cable industry.

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A typo error correction: the IS-MP together with DIMP has become part of the core for S/4 HANA since OP 1511.

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Thank you for your reply. If I understand this correctly, I will have to create a material variant for my configurable product .

When I create production order for this material variant- I can change attributes and I can use same material code to produce different variants.

Now how to transfer  these attributes to the batch of material variant automatically? does material variant need to have 023 and 300 class type same?

when I create sales order for material variant- - how to assign attributes in sales order for material variant- it is by default picking from material master and is not editable?

how to assign  different production batches in sales order automatically based on attributes selected in sales order?

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The key topic to consider: Are you using SAP APO PP/DS ?

If only ERP with DIMP, then you can not change characteristics of material variants in transaction PP order change.

See prerequisites statements for MTS in SAP Help Portal: Make-to Stock Production for Configurable Materials

The same question was also discussed in Configurable Material with DIMP (SCN)

With ERP connected to APO:

- attributes can be changed in PP order.

- you can use same material code to produce different variants

What is your business intention for PP order changes ?

a) Add / fill in some missing attributes shortly before starting / release the PP order ?

b) change of existing values coming from APO ?

Transfer of PP order attributes to the batch at time of goods receipt:

If 300 and 023 have the same technical characteristic names, the values are passed over from PP to MM-IM batch automatically. Some customizing is needed.

Sales order creation for material variant:

Material master characteristic values are default values and can be changed in SD order.

How to assign different production batches in sales order automatically based on attributes selected in sales order?

PLEASE explain in more detail.

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Hi Santosh,

Create CIR ( md81) for MTS scenario of configurable material.

after MRP run planned order will generate for each configurable material and it will be converted to production order.