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Hi,  You may have participated in the Sustainability All Hands internal meeting today with Peter Graf and heard about SAP's participation in 'The Sustainability Consortium' whose aim is to " more accurately quantify and communicate the sustainability of products".  SAP is one of the founding members along with over 100 other companies worldwide.  There are 10 working groups within the consortium covering some of our mill segments such as packaging,  paper pulp & forestry and textile.  When you go to one of the working groups and scroll down you will see a list of company names involved in the working group.


For example, the Paper, pulp & forestry workgroup:


What is interesting is that the list of names only has one forest products producer - Georgia Pacific, along with Proctor and Gamble and Kimberly Clark who align themselves more with consumer products.  The more pure forest products companies are not yet involved.

However, as was discussed in the meeting there is already pressure from retailers and regulators to request sustainability information on products all the way down the supply chain and this will impact our customer base. SAP's Product Stewardship Network should become of more interest to Mill Products & Mining companies as the situation evolves.