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On October 28, Museum of Russian Impressionism (Moscow) welcomed SAP Value Award Ceremony for the first time ever.  See some scenes of the impressive event.

This event was the culmination of 3-months long contest. During this time period customers of SAP submitted nominations, a panel of experts reviewed the submissions and everybody had the opportunity to vote for winners

What was the result?  There were winners in 5 categories, plus one winner of a special audience choice award.

In the category Face to the Customer (best customer-orientation stories)
The winners are: Bashneft, KOMUS and Technodom Operator.

In the category Re-load Business» (massive unification of business-processes)
The winners are: DTEK Energo and Rusagro, Tele2.

In the category Excellence in Details (best stories in production and logistics)
The winners are: MosOblGas and OMK and Petersburg Metro.

In the category Expending Horizons  (next level of transformation)
The winners are: Aeroflot, Trade Company «Megapolis» and Russian Railways.

In the category Reliable Business Partner» (business-initiative in finance)
The winners are: Gazprom transgas Belarus, NLMK, SUEK and Federal Grid Company.

The Audience Choice Award was granted to DTEK Energo.

All success-stories of the winners on the web-site

In this blog we will provide details about OMK's winning submission:

OMK Project:   The integrated SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Management Platform ensures occupational safety at the Vyksa industrial site

OMK is a company with seven major metallurgical industry businesses on two continents. It is the leading producer of large-diameter pipe for gas pipelines, supplies over 50% of Russian railway wheels and around 68% of all Russian automobile springs. OMK has a world-leading integrated production chain for large-diameter pipes.

Industrial companies and service providers at the Vyksa industrial site required an integrated Industrial Hygiene and Safety Management platform instead of a number of existing, self-made, disparate systems. OMK targeted reliable cooperation, process optimization and standardization using an integrated platform for further scalability to other companies of the holding.


To create a system for efficient operational management and to improve the quality of industrial hygiene and safety processes.


The idea was highly anticipated and welcomed. Improvements were much needed by sold-to parties and supported by the top management. At the same time future users were concerned that they would have more work to do and regarded the project with skepticism. However the more they were engaged in preparation, the less skeptical they became. Now personnel view industrial hygiene and safety as an important issue. The company image has improved and it has become clearer that the decision to integrate safety practices in each workplace was the right thing to do. A return on investment is expected in the near future.


All processes are standardized, optimized, and managed with a uniform information system for industrial hygiene and safety. Data collection, processing and access are provided in real time. All employees can import data into the system on a one-time basis.

The uniform platform guarantees visibility of data accounting and evaluation. Data processing and report generation have been accelerated significantly. Auto-import of huge amounts of external data helps avoid errors with indemnities and reduce reputation and financial risks in the event of problems with payments.


The methodology of the industrial hygiene and safety processes has become simpler. Streamlined management of information flows reduces working-hours required for report generation. Less manual data processing is needed. Crucial safety-related decisions are now less influenced by the human element. The integrated database supports the reliability of industrial hygiene and safety processes and detects all inconsistencies that affect performance.

Crucial project objectives have a direct impact on financial indicators, including those related to utilization of manpower, fail-safety, unscheduled downtime and incident-related losses.

The ultimate benefits of the project, however, involving saving lives and preserving the health of personnel, which are, without, doubt priceless.


By 2021, a 30% reduction is expected in work-related injuries with the total number of injuries expected to fall by 20%.

Work-related morbidity is expected to fall by 5% a year from 2017.

Over the course of five years, more accurate report generation savings of 40% will be made in working time, while more precise planning of personal protective equipment will result in time savings of some 97%. Total cost savings are estimated to be RUB 1,446.9K.

OMK Quote

Vyacheslav Krzhanovsky, Head of Occupational and Industrial Health and Safety at OMK JSC: "The main benefit is process automation and simplification. Data transparency and access to process control for each employee have already had an impact and will continue to enhance work safety."

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