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Basically, the demand of finding and developing new mines remain high in the future. Still, the earth contains robust natural resources for the geological supply of metals.  The novel technology can provide a robust solution to fulfill the demand of mining and metals in meeting society’s requirements. It is true that these resources will situated in more remote regions, increasing production and investment costs too. To overcome this state of affairs, the mining and metal industry focuses on the role of business by considering the benefits, costs, risks and responsibilities to sustainable growth. The way I think that the mining and metal industry could make an evolutionary change in the future by integrating internet, geographical Information system (GIS) for remote sensing image or develop any special device that can provide images of any expected locations or regions, automated pattern and action recognition technology for identifying mining, minerals and metals using distributed high performance computing technology.

For example, a mining or metal industry need to find new mines, metals and mineral commodities with iron ore, gold, platinum, lead, zinc, coal, copper, nickel and others in a particular region of Africa, Europe, Asia and America or any particular area on the earth. At first, The Company needs the images of the particular region. For experimental image, the satellite image (GIS) for remote sensing image or build a special type of device/air vehicle which could perform similar to Drone. Only the form of designing air vehicle needs to smaller with the respect to the energy efficient issue. The developed smart air vehicle can recharge itself based on solar technology along with an alternative source energy in case of emergency.  This engineering will capture images finding of mines, minerals and metals in the experimental area as well as send pictures into the automated pattern recognition technology. After receiving the images from GIS or special air vehicle, the automated pattern recognition or object identification technology will initiate a process to identify whether any mines or metals existing captured images using a high performance distributed application like Hadoop or Map Reduce or Cloud Computing System. Broadly, the processing of remote sensing image or capture image require a high computational time. To overcome this issue, the Hadoop or Map Reduce or Cloud Computing-based technology can provide a solution to this problem.

In future, Cloud-based application could be more desirable for the mining and metal industry to cope with dynamic organizational change including customer, people, money and supplier etc. An automated financial application using the smart device could be incorporated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC technology also gaining popularity in case of safety and security concern, issue in a payment and payroll management sector. In many smart phone and device uses location tracking, status of the staff or customer. However, The Quantum technology will significantly determine the manner of people endure their life as well. These technologies can be useful in the mining and metals industry will be harnessing the change of achieving a positive donation from their activities in a dependable and sustainable growth.