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In my words, “Mining is the crucial for building modern advancement and linger economic growth”. Mining mineral is the foundation of human civilization and we can feel the importance when supply or production of minerals are hampered which influence stock markets and international economy. Mining offers the opportunity to catalyze broad-based economic development, reduce poverty and support countries to reach internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals. According to the Rio Principles, “countries have the sovereign right to develop their mineral resources according to their national priorities and responsibility regarding the exploitation of resources”.

In future mining it should improve safety, capital productivity, labor productivity, recovery rates, removing process waste, reducing energy use, finding new ore bodies, recovering from difficult ore bodies, extend resource life etc. by using proper software based management and using nanotechnology based highly energy efficient tools to extract the mineral. In future the negative impacts of mining on environment and social life can be minimized by changing work policy and role of engagement of human being. The whole system will be controlled by SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) which is able to control all the process of mining (controlling autonomous Haul Trucks, rails, drills, different safety sensors etc.). Miners able to explore, control, and change their task role from home or any other place. Every piece of equipment is controlled or monitored by a centralized system which ensure the interlocking between different tasks to avoid any kind of unwanted situation. Later, it will help to increase the productivity and reduce unwanted expanses and ensure sustainability.

When the mining process and all the equipment’s are autonomous then it’s possible to extract minerals 24/7 basis which increases the productivity and real-time optimization and surveillance of the system more effective. By this method underground mining will become more convenient due to environmental issue with the open pit mining system. In imagining a future state of smarter mining, the final image is neither concise nor discrete and may resemble a mosaic of new capabilities and business models more so than an immovable solution or single makeover.


Future technologies will make the mine – and both its local and wireless controllers – smarter by becoming instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. All the equipment’s are instrumented and intelligent, reporting their location, their status and other key metrics remotely and automatically. Different conditions are being checked where systems using predictive data modeling trigger maintenance orders. Asset management and resource management is the major task in mining industry because most of the money are being invested in this sector. SAP HANA system can be used as ERP solution for asset management, periodic maintenance of equipment, proper forecasting with time to save cost of operation and maintenance.