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Problem in Saving the entries of SD& compcode fields when Creating BP

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When I am creating BP of Role ISM020 (Media Customer) and Grouping ZAGN , Then genaral data is saved

But The fields in Sales and Distribution Tab , and company codes Disappear after clicking the save,

It also gives the error *KNB1-AKONT: Plausibility check failed* Also the BP is created with the BP number, But the fields in Sales& Distribution like sales org/sales group/

and terms of payment/ Payment methods etc is not saved.

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As you are aware when we save BP, in R/3 in background customer master is created.

In your case the field settings for recon accnt field for customer master is mandatory. You can change it for particular accnt group through :

Financial Accounting (New)>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable>Customer Accounts>Master Data>Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data>Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers).

To be on safer side. Mark all fields in all tabs of customer master to be optional.

If any one of them is mandatory field and is not filled up during BP creation, customer master data is saved incompletely and error is thrown.

I hope this helps you.



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Thanks for the reply.

Now I am ceating a program using BAPI to create/display/edit business partners.

when I create a BP using bapi BAPIBUSISM007_CREATEFROMDATA'



partnercategory = w_cat

partnergroup = w_grp

partnerrole = w_role

media_central = wa_mediacentral

media_customer_sales = wa_media

customer_company = wa_custcomp

retailer_sales = w_retailsales

centraldata = w_central

centraldataorganization = wa_centdataorg

customer_central = w_custcentral

centraldataperson = w_centralperson

customer_sales = w_custsales

address = w_address


number = w_bpnumber


telefondata = it_tel

faxdata = it_fax

e_maildata = it_email

return = it_return.

I am sending all values of company code , sd fields etc through this code

But , only the general data field are filled when I check BP that is made through this bapi.

The data for SD and compny code is not filled ..

Actually I am not able to Create MEDIA CUSTOMER....ISM020, ISM021 It is only creating general BP

I am using tables JJTVM, Knvv, Knb1 ... for company code and SD data..

Please tell , what may be the reason for this


Edited by: Puneeta Parnami on Nov 10, 2009 1:48 PM

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