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Jfta and Jft6- New account determination

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We changed our account determination for legal reasons. Now we

have new accounts in tables C453; JKVTJKTRANSTYPE and TJFREVENUEUR.

When we run JFTA (Individual Transfer of Billing Document to FI)

transaction and JFT6 (Transfer Revenue Accrual to Financial Accounting)

transaction, we still have severall documents going to the old

accounts. However we have already changed the customizing for the new


Is there any way to recalculate documents for the new accounts in mass?



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Hi Isabel ,

Account determination in IS-MSD happens from the following fields :

Chart of Accounts

Sales Organization

Distribution Channel


Acct Assgmt Grouping

Account key

I will suggest you to see an account determination analysis for the billing document that have got posted in old account. To do this :

1. Go to T code JF03

2. Enter the billing document that have got posted to old account

3 Press Enter

4. On the menu bar Select Enviornment --- > Acct. Assignment Analysis.

5. You will be presented with different condition tables based on your configs.

6. Double click on it and see the Account assignment analysis.

From this you will come to know why this old account is determined and you can take corrective actions.

Hope this will help you.

Best Regards,Nikhil

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There is a function which enables you to repeat account determination in the amortization condition document for selected renewal subscriptions. You use this function if you have corrected or changed the settings for account determination and amortization plans based on the original (incorrect) settings already exist.

Changes affecting account determination for orders with a monetary liability account and which mean an update is necessary have been made to the Customizing settings for account determination.

The order items to be edited must have a billing index. Order items without a billing index are not taken into account.

To access this function, choose Logistics> Media Sales and Distribution> Periodical Sales and Distribution>Sales ® Liability Account> Tools--> New Account Determination.

Run the same in Test Run

Processing log listing the order items edited as follows:

Order items for which account determination was repeated and revenue transfer performed.

Order items that did not need to be processed.

Order items for which errors occurred during processing.



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