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Content Component & Booking Unit

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Dear Forum,

I am new to SAP Media and am responsible for Adveritsing Management in my business,I want to know the exact difference between a content componet and a booking unit, how they are related each other.,

Would be greatful if any body comes up with an example.

Thanks in advance

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Content Component:

A content component describes items in an ad within a publication. This can be a column, a section or a special publication.

Menu path:

SAP Menu->Logistics->Advertising Management->Master data->Booking->Content Component->Create

Transaction: JJI1 / JJI2 / JJI3


You publish one Ad in u201Clast coveru201D in u201CAd Week publicationu201D. Then, last cover is created as content component (Cover4) with component type as u201CSectionu201D

Booking Unit:

A booking unit is a combination of advertising space or time in advertising media, which is structured according to the sales perspective for those advertising.

Menu path:

SAP Menu->Logistic->Advertising Management->Master data->Booking->Booking Unit->Create

Transaction: JJB1 / JJB2 / JJB3


You publish one Ad in u201CMetro plusu201D in u201CThe Hinduu201D. Metroplus(Contains 1-4 Sheets) may consider as Booking Unit in SAP.

Booking Unit can be classified as,

1. Basic Booking Unit

2. Combined Booking Unit

While Creating Booking Unit Master data, we should assign content component in Booking Unit master data.

Hope, above information is useful.

Best Regards,


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My Understanding....

In a publishing house, each edition can be a booking unit. And for better understanding we shall take up the two content components which are Business Content Component and Technical content component.

Business technical component describes the business variant of the advertisement like if the ad is a Cinema ad, Financial ad, Tender ad etecetera and Technical content component describes the technical aspects of the ad. Example First page, Last page, Third page etecetea.

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looking at all the answers i can assume that ,somehow they can help you to understand that what a booking unit & Content component are & how they are associated with each other since you seems to be very new in IS-M/AM. therefore in simplest way i would try to explain what a booking unit /Content component is ,outside the general definition.

Booking unit is always representing the product in other way it may be a Publication,edition magazine & sub-brands of the newspaper for print media which represent for which product you are choosing ad order to create.

Similarly content component describes the section of the newspaper i.e sports ,nation,international ,business etc. in some of the publication it is also defined to identify as to what category of ad we are booking like Product,obituary ,education,special section etc. for Classified ads it is also used to identify the category (also called section as business,situation vacant,,real estate etc). The use of Technical content component is generally made for classified pagination where "pre-press" recognizes which category should fall by which selection on the page it is also helpful to identify as in one category which subcategory selection is made at the ad order level likewise for matrimonial ads selection in Content component further more classified as "grooms wanted" in technical content component.

T-Code for Booking unit creation/display & change is JJB1/JJB2/JJB3

T-code for Content component creation/display & change is JJI1/JJ12/JJi3

hopefully this info may be useful to you. any further clarification in IS-M/AM pls. revert


Rajkamal Kaper

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