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Hi All,

I know that, SAP Advance Track and Trace is for the Pharma industry.

I have the following question,

1.     SAP ATTP is an add-on package or separate system ?

2.     What is the prerequisites and system requirement to install SAP ATTP ?

3.     What is the Master Data's in SAP ATTP ?

4.     What is the process cycle / business cycle for SAP ATTP ?


Dinesh Kumar V.


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1.  ATTP is a separate solution

2.  Please see Installation & Upgrade information here:

3.  Master data in ATTP includes inter alia: Customer, Vendor, Plant, Location, Materials.

4.  This question is not clear.

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Thank you.

Question No. 4 :

For e.g., in SAP PP we have process cycle like Order Creation, Release, Goods Issue and GR posting etc., Likewise what is the process cycle for SAP ATTP.


Dinesh V.

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It varies according to the country requiring serialization.  But typically it is:




Move to warehouse
(including deaggreation/reaggregation)

Move to DC

(incl. deaggreggation/reaggregation)

Ship to customer.

Serial numbers are recorded at each step, typically along with the EPCIS step.

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Thank you for your presence.

01.   Could you share the basic Tcodes to work with SAP ATTP ?

02.   As we discussed SAP ATTP is a separate system. I came to know for SCN that, it can be integrated with other system like SAP ECC or any legacy system. Here, I have a question, Is it mandatory to integrate SAP ATTP with other system like SAP ECC or-else SAP ATTP can stand alone.

03. Also you have mentioned some master data's above, Is this master data created / maintained in SAP ATTP or in external system (SAP ECC) ?

04.   Could you share any documents related to SAP ATTP for a BEGINNER (with step by step and screen shots) ? If can...

05.   I request to share you anything apart from question which you feel good for a beginner to SAP ATTP - my mail ID


Dinesh Kumar V.

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I will contact you privately, as you propose.